Our Food Security, Solved

Grow Anywhere with Hydroponics Farming Technology in Saudi Arabia

Why Hydroponics? The Kingdom’s major limiting factors in traditional agriculture production is the harsh climate and scarce water resources. Today, all of our domestic supply for water-intensive crops are imported. Now, there is an alternative.

Grow in the Desert

Through our hydroponics farming technology, Desert Agriculture – aligned with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of a sustainable future – provides a solution to the Kingdom’s food security crisis. Our solution empowers local farmers to grow anywhere in much higher yields while using a fraction of resources such as land and water.

The Farmer’s Burden

The water crisis in the gulf has made it impossible for farmers to grow food, most crucially, animal fodder. Farmers have been forced to import animal fodder at lower quality and higher costs… until now.

Desert Agriculture Is the Answer

Our hydroponics systems allow farmers to grow their own crops at their own facility at any scale. In a controlled system, without the need for soil, much less water is required to grow sustainable, year-round crops. Our hydroponics systems are designed specifically for the desert climate to optimize production.

Saves Water

Hydroponic systems can save as much as 95% of water compared to traditional methods.

High Quality

Because it’s locally grown, you have fresh, organic & pesticide-free crops at all times.

Saves Time

Hydroponics speeds up plant growth by about 20%, so you can produce more crop in a short amount of time.


Grow significantly more with less space. At 4 tons per square meter per year, the contained system can be scaled up or down to match demand.

Our Hydroponic Systems


  • Sizes range from 500 kg/day to 10,000 kg/day
  • Enclosed, self-contained hydroponics system
  • Automated


  • Retrofit existing greenhouses
  • Automated

Produce Our Hydroponics Systems Can Grow

Animal Fodder Our Hydroponics Systems Can Grow

Limited to HydroFarm

Barley is one of the most essential crops for any country’s food supply. Over 70% of barley grain is used for animal feed in Saudi Arabia.

Comprehensive Services For All Your Hydroponic Needs:

  • Production & sales of animal fodder by enclosed hydroponic system (HydroFarm)
  • Production & sales of vegetables by greenhouse hydroponic system
  • Crop study and analysis
  • Design & instillation of hydroponic system
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Seeds and fertilizer support
  • R&D

About Desert Agriculture

Desert Agriculture is solving the desert kingdom’s food security challenge through innovative, sustainable hydroponics systems for food production. Designed specifically for the desert climate, our hydroponics system design and technology empowers local farmers by providing them with sustainable year-round crops. As a subsidiary of Aljoaib Holdings, we draw on nearly 25 years experience in the agriculture industry to bring you the latest technology to evolve with the needs of Saudi farmers.